Creating a Powerful Impact
on People’s Lives

The Way Back provides comprehensive, wrap-around services to address the immediate needs of individuals newly released from incarceration and help them build paths to a more secure future. Our unique approach to the journey of transformation is reducing recidivism, generational incarceration, and poverty in our communities.


Here are just a few of the remarkable people we’ve helped along the way.

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Kelly's Story

Kelly had faced substance addiction and incarceration, as well as the loss of her career, home, and family. Then someone recommended The Way Back’s program, and everything changed.

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Kevin’s Story

After serving in the US Army, Kevin’s life took a turn…and he spent 15 years in prison. Now, thanks to The Way Back, he’s getting to serve veterans and his community in a new way. Read about what happened thanks to Kevin’s second chance


Derrick’s Story

After being in and out of the justice system, Derrick’s decision to engage The Way Back showed that he was serious about successful reentry and his sobriety this time.


Keevis’s Story

Keevis had been incarcerated twice and lost his business, his marriage, and his self-respect. The Way Back came into his life when he needed it most—today he is thriving. Learn how the right support helped him turn his life around.


Daniel’s Story

Daniel served 32 years before making parole. After he wrote 78 unanswered letters to transitional housing programs, Daniel’s family reached out to The Way Back. Find out what happened next.

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Tyron’s Story

Tyron received help in overcoming barriers he faced post-incarceration, including obtaining a Social Security Card, through The Way Back's personalized resources and one-on-one attention.

In FY23, The Way Back empowered individuals,
restored families and created safer communities.

served by
The Way Back

provided in-prison and during re-entry


of Participants
maintain successful post-incareration lifestyles


of Participants
increased their
self sufficiency

of self-sufficiency

Community Impact Report — FY23

The Way Back’s goal is to reduce recidivism, generational incarceration, and poverty while providing solutions to barriers formerly incarcerated individuals face upon reentry. The Way Back’s Community Impact Report — FY23 celebrates our milestones and successes.

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Empower Individuals. Restore Families. Create Safer Communities.

Your gift helps The Way Back provide in-prison programs and critical support and services
to individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system so they can reach their
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