After serving 15 years in prison, Kevin, a disabled US Army Veteran, found himself facing obstacles and challenges that his military training had not prepared him for.

Shortly after his release, Kevin came to Dallas and knew he needed help to find employment and necessary resources to begin to build a new life.  The Way Back Center’s scope of services available to those impacted by the criminal justice system was just the place that Kevin needed during this critical transition period.

Kevin came to The Way Back and began to tap into the resources available to him.  The computer lab allowed him to work on a resume and access the Veteran’s Administration website to request documentation and services.  Staff provided him job readiness coaching and shortly thereafter, placed Kevin in his first job since his release from prison.  This was the beginning of Kevin’s journey.

With a strong desire to serve others, Kevin enrolled in AARP’s volunteer program.  Not knowing that The Way Back Center was one of AARP’s partner organizations, Kevin was thrilled with the assignment he received.   His new AARP volunteer position was serving at The Way Back Center as a janitor.

While volunteering at The Way Back Center, Kevin noticed an influx of veteran’s coming in who needed assistance in navigating the Veteran’s Administration website and resources to request items such as DD-214s, clinic locations and disability benefits.  Kevin stepped up and began to assist clients with these needs.

Kevin continues to serve The Way Back Center when he can.  He now lives in the Texoma area, where he owns his own home and enjoys serving his community by helping neighbors in need with home repairs.  Just last month, Kevin reconnected with his son after 21 years.   Kevin knows that God has orchestrated all his steps from the very beginning.

Kevin recently purchased some property and plans to open a transition house where he can mentor others who are in the position he was once in.