Our Solution

Our evidenced based approach reduces under-employment and unemployment while empowering individuals to move from crisis to thriving, restoring family stability, and creating safer communities.

The Way Back remains committed to eliminating barriers facing individuals with criminal backgrounds, as well as veterans, through comprehensive wrap-around services that address immediate needs such as clothing, food, referrals to social services, as well a continuum of case management services addressing housing, employment, income, education/training, and transportation.

All participants will be taken through comprehensive workforce readiness training to prepare them for greater employment opportunities, to include:

  • Intake and Assessments
  • Workforce Readiness Education
  • Interview Coaching
  • Resume Development
  • Workforce Pathways

Self-sufficiencies are evaluated in the following areas:

  • Income/Finances
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Education and Training
  • Transportation

Workforce Pathways

The Way Back plays an important role as an intermediary between employers and participants. Upon completion of our Workforce Readiness Program, participants will be given the option of two Way Back to Work Pathways.

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Participants will receive case management services, job search assistance and follow-up.


Participants will receive more in-depth case management, additional assessments, a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certified skills training and career entry assistance.

Participants choosing
Pathway 2 must be willing to commit to a 4-6 week career skills training program

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Who We Serve

The Way Back serves formerly incarcerated individuals and veterans.

Our participants:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Formerly incarcerated or have been involved in the criminal justice system
  • Live in Dallas and surrounding counties
  • Be willing to commit to a workforce readiness program

Future Plans

On Demand Workforce: A workforce solution to provide previously incarcerated men and women, as well as veterans, a quick transition to employment . Through this pathway, our clients will learn new skills and acquire relevant job history.

Expanded Reentry Training Center: A centrally located hub, along public transportation lines, that will provide space for classrooms and a career training facility.

Transitional Housing: The Way Back Properties will house individuals upon their release from prison, providing a safe environment for stable reentry.


Phone: 214.352.5674
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P.O. Box 832407
Richardson, Texas 75083