The Way Back House, Inc. (dba The Way Back), was founded in Dallas in 1973 by several churches in the United Methodist Conference, who were concerned about the insurmountable barriers and lack of resources and support for individuals who were returning home from incarceration.

The Way Back operated transitional housing facilities for over 37 years.  In 2011, The Way Back revised its service model and now provides non-residential, reentry services through the The Way Back Reentry Center, including workforce readiness training, career training, housing referrals and other wrap around services. Recently, The Way Back has started providing similar services to veterans who struggle to transition from their military roles to civilian role


Recidivism impacts Texas’ families and communities


Research shows that if a child has a parent who is incarcerated, they are 70% more likely to become incarcerated.


Forty-four percent of returning citizens were re-arrested during the first 12 months after their release.


251,000 people are incarcerated in various facilities across the State of Texas


The Way Back provides returning citizens and veterans with the support they need to change their trajectory into the workforce by offering career training, education, mentorship, and employment. The Way Back provides pathways to economic mobility, empowering individuals to become stable, restoring families and creating safer communities.


Our vision is that anyone who wants to work, regardless of their past, has the preparation, support network and skill set needed to find a job, stay employed, achieve economic stability on their way back home.


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