When Daniel received the news he had made parole, he began writing transitional housing programs.  After sending 78 letters to various transitional housing providers, for the most part, his letters remained unanswered.

Frustrated and desperate, Daniel's family called The Way Back and explained that they were seeking assistance in finding Daniel a transitional housing program that he could parole to but were having no luck.  The Way Back staff spoke with Daniel's family and asked questions about Daniel, his family support, his background, and other screening questions to gain as much information as possible so that the best referral could be made.

After learning that Daniel had been incarcerated since he was 15 years old, and that he would be 47 when he was paroled, The Way Back staff knew he would need the best support and guidance possible upon his release. The world has changed a lot in 32 years.

Through a collaborative partnership with Forgiven Felons, The Way Back was able to make a referral for Daniel to apply to the Forgiven Felons transitional house program.  Daniel has been at Forgiven Felons for 4 months now.  He is thriving and accomplished all of his 6 month goals in a matter of 3 months!  He is employed full-time, saving money, attending church and bible studies, has his driver's license and a vehicle. The Way Back was able to provide Daniel with financial assistance to cover one month of his transitional housing program fees so that he can continue saving for his long term goals.

Just like in Daniel's story, sometimes the most crucial support comes in the way of having experienced staff on the other end of the phone when a family member calls seeking help.  Having staff that listens and knows what questions to ask in order to make the right referral can make all the difference in the lives of those returning to our communities from incarceration. Daniel's family made the right call and we are so thankful we were here to answer.

Listen to Daniel talk about his experience and share his testimony here on the Background Check Podcast by our partner, Forgiven Felons.